Summer School 2017 - Program

The Program for the EGSAMP Summer School 2017 is now online.

   Summer School 2016 - CFP

The summer school’s topic “ A Path Through the Ages. Philosophy and Doxography from Ancient to Early Modern Philosophy” reflects upon the relation between philosophy and its history, which must be understood from the very beginning of philosophy as an intrinsic and fundamental relationship rather than an accidental one which can be ignored.

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   Summer School 2016 - Program

The Program for the EGSAMP Summer School 2016 is now online.

   Summer School 2016 - CFP

The summer school’s topic “Locality and cross-border exchange in the Middle ages” reflects upon the actual socio-political issues concerning Macedonia (the immigrant issue, the border-building, “defending” Europe etc.), even if the thematic focus of the summer school remains medieval.

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   Summer School 2015 - Program

The Program for the EGSAMP Summer School 2015 is now online.

   Summer School 2015 - Poster

   Summer School 2015

The EGSAMP international summer school 2015 is devoted to the topic »Moral Agency and its Constraints: Fate Determinism and Free Will in the Middle Ages«, and will take place 31st August - 5th September 2015 in Castro in Puglia, Italy.

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   Forschungs- und Doktorandenkolloquium

Sommersemester 2015: Dienstag, 18 Uhr, im Thomas-Institut

  • 5.5.15 Prof. Dr. Markus Vinzent (London): Eckharts deutsche Bibelkommentarübertragung, zur wiederentdeckten Handschrift P Pfeiffers
  • 23.6.15, 19.30 Uhr, CLAMPh-Lecture, Prof. Dr. Marwan Rashed (Paris): Thing, Mode, and Algebra: Remarks on the Ontological Turn of the 9th Century
  • 7.7.15 Prof. Dr. John Monfasani (Albany): Paul Oskar Kristeller and Italy

 Die Vorträge der Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden sowie weitere Veranstaltungshinweise finden sie hier:
Programm [PDF].

Das Forschungs- und Doktorandenkolloquium ist für alle EGSAMP-Mitglieder offen.

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   Summer School 2014

The EGSAMP Summer School this year was held in Elena, Bulgaria (19-24 July 2014). It coincided with the 30th edition of the Elena-Summer Schools organized annually by the Sofia University. The full programme and a few pictures of memorable moments could be found on the site of the Institute for Medieval Studies Sofia. The international event was highlighted in the local press, being covered by three newspapers, Elena News, Yantra Today and the regional Borba.

Many thanks to the organizers and to the participants!