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Permanent Activities

Amsterdam Monthly colloquium on Classical Metaphysics
Bonn / Cologne The “Köln-Bonner Philosophisches Kolloquium” (KölnBonner), organized jointly by the Philosophy departments of the universities of Bonn and Cologne and the Thomas-Institut (T. Kobusch, Ch. Horn, J. Opsomer, A. Speer), is a semester long reading course for graduate and older undergraduate students (taking place every two weeks). The course examines a systematic topic throughout ancient and medieval philosophy.More information about the topic of the ongoing semester as well as time and places of the lectures can be found on the Homepage of the KölnBonner.
Cologne The “Forschungskolloquium” is a series of loosely connected lectures by our collaborators, guests, or invitees. It affords an opportunity to present a particular field of research to the colleagues and at the same time to the wider public. Information on the forthcoming lectures can be found in the event calendar of the Thomas-Institut.
Sofia The “Disputationes philosophicae” are a series of lectures, held in English or German. Generally four guest-lecturers are invited every year.
Rom A specialistic seminar on mediaeval philosophy is organised by Prof. Maierù every second semester of the academic year.