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Elena Summerschool, 19-24 July:
Sein und Freiheit – Being and Freedom
The 2014 EGSAMP Summer School coincides with the 30th Elena Summer School, launched in 1984 by Tzotcho Boiadjiev, who is the founder of the “Bulgarian School for Medieval philosophy”. Elena - a picturesque small town in the Balkan Mountains - was and remains the laboratory of the Bulgarian school. On several occasions Elena functioned as an international summer school, so in 2001, 2005 and 2008 as one of the first EGSAMP-Summer Schools. This year’s EGSAMP Summer School builds on the research tradition of the Elena seminars. In the course of an intensive dialogue, the points of intersection and confrontation of the great Medieval traditions, and in particular the Latin and Byzantine, will be discussed on the basis of the “translation technique” of the Bulgarian school and beyond.
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Amsterdam Summerschool, 21-23 August:
"Beauty and Truth in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy"
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Levico Terme Summerschool, 1–7 September:
The EGSAMP international summer school 2011 is devoted to the topic »Translatio studiorum: Critical Editions and Translations of Philosophical Texts«.
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Lecce EGSAMP-Seminar, 5-8 October:
Paleography of Latin Philosophical Manuscripts
Subjects of teaching and discussion are paleographical and codicological questions, esp. the examination, description and dating of manuscripts from the 12th till the 15th centuries.
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Cologne EGSAMP-Workshop, 24-25 September:
EGSAMP organized a workshop on ‘The Concept of Life in Late Ancient Philosophy’.
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Lecce Summerschool, 14-20 September:
Letter and Mind - How Philosophy Benefits from Philology
De littera vel spiritu sive de philologia ancilla philosophiae

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Summerschool 21-27 July, 2008:
“Natur und Kunst - der interkulturelle europäische Dialog im Spätmittelalter” “Nature and Art - the intercultural European dialogue in the late middle ages”
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Bari Summerschool 23 july - 2 august, 2007:
“Philosophy and Happiness: Philosophy as a Way of Living in the Middle Ages”
Amsterdam Internationales EGSAMP-Kolloquium 29./30. März:
“Das Supertranszendentale und die Gestalt der Metaphysik”
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Foundational meeting of the EGSAMP and Workshop on “The Historiography of Medieval Philosophy: New Approaches, New Perspectives”, September 11

  • Andreas Speer (Cologne): “Karte machen - oder: Wie erzählt man mittelalterliche Philosophie?"
  • Pasquale Porro (Bari): “Between the Opposing Trenches of Philosophy and History: The Historiography of Medieval Philosophy in No Man’s Land”
  • Georgi Kapriev (Sofia): “Falls wir die mittelalterliche Philosophie komplett verstehen wollen… Die byzantinische Perspektive der mittelalterlichen Philosophie”
  • Amos Bertolacci (Pisa): “Endless Beginning. The current state of research on Arabic philosophy”
  • Stephen F. Brown (Boston): “Theologia qua ancilla philosophiae”
  • Wouter Goris (Amsterdam): “Das wilde Sein der mittelalterlichen Philosophie(n)”