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Activities of EGSAMP Members


  • Amsterdam, 18-21 December
    Analysis and Synthesis – Philosophical Method and Scientific Methodology in Ancient and Medieval Thought
    The Faculty of Philosophy of VU University Amsterdam hosts a conference entitled “Analysis and Synthesis – Philosophical Method and Scientific Methodology in Ancient and Medieval Thought”, organised by Wouter Goris and Marije Martijn in collaboration with Theo Kobusch (Bonn).


  • Lecce, 5-8 October
    Paleography of Latin Philosophical Manuscripts
    Subjects of teaching and discussion are paleographical and codicological questions, esp. the examination, description and dating of manuscripts from the 12th till the 15th centuries.
    Download Program [PDF]

  • Pisa, 22-24 September
    The Manuscript Tradition of Avicenna’s Kitab al-Shifa’: The Current State of Research and Future Prospects
    Download Program [PDF]


  • Rom, 29-30 September & 26 January
    The Human Body in Ancient Thought
    A Seminary on The Human Body in Ancient Thought by the Facoltà di Filosofia dell’Università di Roma “Sapienza”.
    Download Program [PDF]

  • Rom, 17 March-26 May
    "ermetismo e letteratura ermetica nel medioevo e nel rinascimento"
    All speakers are members of the research groupe “Hermes Latinus”


  • Cologne, 17 January
    The first “Averroes-Werkstatt” took place in Cologne on January 17th 2008. The following subjects were presented and discussed:
    • Amos Bertolacci: Entwurf eines Handbuches für die Erstellung von Variantenapparaten
    • Roland Hissette: Beispiele für Revisionen des Editionstextes anhand der durch die Indexerstellung gewonnenen Erkenntnisse (Mittlerer Kommentar zu den Kategorien)
    • Stefan Georges/Dag Nikolaus Hasse: Vorstellung des Stands der Edition des Großen Kommentars zur Metaphysik
    • Horst Schmieja: Probleme der arabisch-lateinischen Übersetzung (Großer Kommentar zur Physik)
    • David Wirmer: Wie erkennt man verschiedene Versionen von Averroes’ Kommentaren? (Kompendium zu De anima)
    • Rüdiger Arnzen: Projektentwurf für ein Averroeslexikon

  • Amsterdam, 11 April
    ‘Absolute Beginners’. Der mittelalterliche Beitrag zu einem Ausgang vom Unbedingten
    International Colloquium will take place at the VU University of Amsterdam on the occasion of the publication of the study: ‘Absolute Beginners’. Der mittelalterliche Beitrag zu einem Ausgang vom Unbedingten (Brill: Leiden-Boston, 2007) by Wouter Goris, professor of Ancient, Patristic, and Medieval Philosophy.
    Speakers: Dr. Stefan Nottelman (Cologne), Prof. Dr. Russell Friedman (Leuven).
    Download Program [PDF]


  • Pisa, 2-4 April
    The Metaphysics in Arabic and Latin Medieval Philosophy and Avicennian Studies
    Guest: Dimitri Gutas
    Download Program [PDF]


  • Foundational meeting of the EGSAMP and Workshop, 11 September:
    The Historiography of Medieval Philosophy: New Approaches, New Perspectives

    • Andreas Speer (Cologne): “Karte machen - oder: Wie erzählt man mittelalterliche Philosophie?"
    • Pasquale Porro (Bari): “Between the Opposing Trenches of Philosophy and History: The Historiography of Medieval Philosophy in No Man’s Land”
    • Georgi Kapriev (Sofia): “Falls wir die mittelalterliche Philosophie komplett verstehen wollen… Die byzantinische Perspektive der mittelalterlichen Philosophie”
    • Amos Bertolacci (Pisa): “Endless Beginning. The current state of research on Arabic philosophy”
    • Stephen F. Brown (Boston): “Theologia qua ancilla philosophiae”
    • Wouter Goris (Amsterdam): “Das wilde Sein der mittelalterlichen Philosophie(n)”